Professional, beautiful apps. Cross-platform. Delivered in 14 days or less.

I’ll help you design and develop your mobile app idea to any extent: be it just an early prototype or proof of concept or the full, finished product.

Come to me with a full design or just an idea. I’ll quote and we’ll chat about how we can bring this idea to reality. I’ll design from scratch or design 1 to 1 on what you already have. I’ll create a full secure backend based on your needs and, once complete, help you through the app submission process.

My work process

  1. Chat about your idea: I want to be as clear as possible on your vision so I can deliver the very best results.
  2. Design: we’ll take the “5 planes” design process to making your app.
  3. Begin development with daily progress updates. I’ll try and get you an update every day.
  4. App publishing: I’ll help get your app on the storefronts of your choice and walk you through the process.
  5. Continued support: if you encounter any bugs I’ll fix them free of charge and if you want additional features we’ll agree a price and get developing.